Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cars Cake!

I made the car out of gum paste and I covered it with edible glitter.

Then, I made the Cars logo out of fondant and covered it in edible glitter

Bluebook Cake -- This is The Law of Cupcakes, after all

Last night was the Law Review banquet.  The Bluebook is something we, as law review members, carry around and refer to constantly.  It's the book that tells lawyers how to cite things.  There is one person on our editorial board who is a complete Bluebook goddess.  I wanted to make this cake for her as a thank you for keeping us all in line this year.  She loved the cake, and so did the rest of the staff.  When people said they wanted to eat it, she responded, "read it!!"  HAHA.  :)

A Big Day of Baking!

Yesterday was a very big baking day.  I had 10 dozen cupcakes to make and 2 half sheet cakes.

My first task was to make cupcakes for the March of Dimes walk.  My co-worker walks to raise money for the March of Dimes, and she wanted some cupcakes to feed her team after the walk.

Next, I made cupcakes to fulfill my donation to the Public Interest Law Alliance.

...and this was just the beginning.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Shower for my Nephew!

My sister-in-law is pregnant with my very first nephew!!!  Yesterday, we had a baby shower for her at her sister's house.  I made the cupcakes.

My sister-in-law's friend Adrienne brought her adorable little girl, Zoe, who loved the cupcakes....

Happy Birthday Horgan - 3L Edition - Part II

Since we spent Horgo's actual birthday at the luau, we wanted to do another party for him with just our friends.  Yesterday, everyone went to a baseball game and then we went back to Binder's apartment for a bbq and some fun.  I made these simple, but beautiful, cupcakes for the party.

This Should Be Illegal....Dessert

I should have named my blog "I love making my friends fat" instead of Law of Cupcakes.

What do you do when you have a dinner guest who loves mint chocolate chip ice cream and anything involving very rich chocolate?  You make the dessert I am about to describe.  I was inspired to make this dessert after serving this incredibly decadent cake for Easter.  The problem with the cake was that it was very difficult to cut and no one finished their slice because it was "too rich" (which, by the way, I don't believe in).  So, I decided to make the cake into a trifle and add mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Here's what I did:  I made homemade premium mint chocolate chip ice cream.  In addition to the 8 egg yolks Alton Brown's ice cream calls for, I subbed out some of the half and half for extra heavy cream.  After the vanilla custard was good and cold, I added 2 teaspoons of peppermint extract (and it must be peppermint, not mint).  While the ice cream was churning, I added frozen mini chocolate chips.

Next, I made Julia Child's chocolate mousse, which, is hugely time consuming and difficult but equally worth it.  Then I made some homemade chocolate cake.

I took my cupcake wine glasses that my mom gave me for Christmas and created individual trifles.  I layered mousse, cake, ice cream, cake, mousse...and then popped them in the freezer.  Just before I served them, I whipped up some fresh vanilla whipped cream and piped a generous amount up on top.

In the end, no one...not even Greg...could finish this dessert (and you know I was pushing it).  I ate half of mine and stuck it back in the freezer for later.  :)

Happy Birthday Horgan - 3L Edition - Part I

Horgan.  He's our favorite law school friend.  Sorry to everyone else...there's no disputing it.  He's the best.  You might remember Horgan from my posts about his 1L birthday cake and his 2L birthday cake.  This time, his birthday fell on the day of the Luau party at school.  That party marks 50 days til graduation (although this time it was 38 days...details).  At the party, we had the DJ announce Horgo's birthday and we presented him with this cake.  He loves skull and crossbones and his favorite color is purple (the icing is purple...looks gray in these pics).  Marie cut out the bone letters and I piped words around the cake.  The first row is all of his names, the second row is all of the places he's lived, the third row is all of his favorite things, and the 4th row had a special birthday message.  Happy Birthday Horgan!

Cupcakes for Haiti - Part 3

Professor Johnson recently redeemed her second set of cupcakes that she bought to support Doctors without Borders.  She loves white cake, and thanks to my incredible friend Kelly, I now know how to make an amazing white cake.  So, I made PJ's favorite combo--white cake with buttercream, topped with coconut.  She's soooo super awesome in that she was afraid coconut would turn off some folks, that she asked me to do half with chocolate icing.  Here they are!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

A few weeks ago, my mom and I met in Cherry Hill for a little retail therapy.  Part of our adventure was a stop for lunch at Maggianos.  If you're ever wondering why I'm so pleasantly plump...just ask my mother.  The woman MUST have chocolate after every meal and, obviously, her daughter is no different.

So, we went to lunch and my mom ordered a GIANT piece of chocolate cake.  It was so awesome that my mom and I decided that we needed to recreate it for Easter dinner.  Here's what I did.

First, I made a chocolate cake.  I cut the cake into 4 layers.  Then, I made homemade chocolate mousse (what a pain!).  I took one layer of cake and placed it in the bottom of a bowl.  I filled the layer with chocolate mousse and repeated 4 times.  I put the cake in the freezer overnight.  In the morning, I covered the entire cake in ganache and decorated it with buttercream to look like an Easter egg.  This cake was seriously decadent!

Happy Birthday Ross!

My friend Ross wasn't always my friend.  Really, when we first met, I just didn't get his humor....even though everyone else thought he was funny.  Well, since then, we have grown to understand one another and now I think he's hilarious.

You see, Ross loves puns.  No, not like my friend Kelly love puns (since her love for words makes puns interesting)...Ross loves puns because he truly appreciates making a stupid joke out of them...really.

Ross also loves the Red Sox (he can't help it--he's from MA).  So, logically, for his birthday we made him a cake that said "Boston Ross Sox".  Marie, my creative director, came up with the amazing idea.  She came over with Lauren to make the cake.  THEN Matt Perry made a guest appearance and while Marie and I slaved away at the cake, Lauren, MP, and Greg played Rock Band.  Marie cut out ALL of the cool?!?!

A good time was had by all!!  Enjoy!