Friday, June 26, 2009

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate...Cupcakes?

A few weeks ago I was in Costco, checking out with a cart full of butter and powdered sugar. The lady in the line behind me said, "that looks like buttercream!" Of course, it WAS for buttercream. We got to talking and I invited her to visit the blog. She did visit, and emailed me for cupcakes. I made these chocolate cupcakes with ganache as inspired by the chocolate chocolate chocolate cake for her to take to a benefit in town. Check out how they turned out!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Denise's Wedding Cupcakes

Debbe, the Law Review secretary at school, asked me to make the cupcakes for her daughter Denise's wedding. I did 38 rose cupcakes, 100 regular cupcakes, and a 6 inch cake for her to cut. It was well worth the 7pm-5am marathon of baking because they came out beautifully! The caterer complimented my confections...and more importantly Denise and Debbe both LOVED them. Congratulations Denise!!

Cupcakes for Molly

This week, an old family friend ended up having unexpected back surgery--just 5 days before her 16th birthday! She was in Delaware and her mom is a HUGE fan of my cupcakes, so I thought bringing over some cupcakes might cheer her up a bit. I dropped off a dozen of these beauties and they went over very well! Her mom is asking for prayers for her speedy recovery. Get well soon, Molly!

Luau Cupcakes--the debut of mini cupcakes!

I've expanded my cupcake options to minis! One of Greg's patients wanted minis for a Luau themed 8th grade graduation party. I made the tie-dyed cupcakes and experimented with a few flowers on top. They came out great, but they're a TON of I think I prefer the regular size.

Maybe next time, JUMBO cupcakes!

Friday, June 5, 2009

It really can make 12 dozen cookies!

Last week, I put my new mixer to the test. My friend Sofi is pregnant and she LOVES cookies...especially chocolate chip. Her sister is in college at Delaware, so when she was done her finals I made a dinner date with her to visit and to hand off some sweet treats for her sister, Sofi.

Of course, I couldn't get away with making only a few dozen cookies for Sofi. So, I decided to test out the limits of my new mixer--it does say it can make 13 dozen cookies, after all. I made 12 dozen cookies and the stand mixer stood up to the challenge!

I sent half the cookies to Sofi, her 3 sisters, and her parents in Panama along with a knitted hat and pair of baby booties for her baby! I brought the rest to work and to Megan (who is also a huge cookie fan!)

They were a huge in the US and 4,000 miles away in Panama :)