Friday, August 28, 2009

Two Worlds Collide

I bake. I work at a law firm. What do you get when you combine the two? A huge cake!

The law firm I work for recently got a new building. To celebrate their new home, they did a ribbon cutting ceremony. For the occasion, I made a full sheet cake and 6 dozen cupcakes...that's 38 sticks of butter!!! I decorated the cake with the firm logo.

A few weeks before the ceremony I made cupcakes with the firm logo. I rolled out fondant and piped buttercream for the letters. I guess attention to detail works both in law and in baking!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby Shower Cupcakes

Check out these cupcakes I made for a baby shower at work. I piped on the buttercream and then placed fondant cutouts on top of each cupcake. I wrote "girl" and "baby" on some of them with adorable!

Guest Post: Lawyer by Day, Baker by Night

My friend Kelly is a talented attorney. She's incredibly passionate in everything she does, and she might love baking just as much as I do. Kelly and I love baking in different ways. She likes to try new recipes and discover interesting flavors. I like to play with decorating instead, and stick to the recipes I know. We make a good team because we inspire each other to do and try.

Today was her secretary, Dorothy's, birthday. Dorothy loves lemon, so Kelly made a VERY interesting lemon treat. She did coconut cake filled with lemon curd topped with lemon cream cheese frosting. They were delicious!

I should mention here that I tried to make her lemon bars for the occasion. While they were good, they could not compare to Kelly's (so, thank you in advance KMK for making the lemon bars from here on out).

You will also see below the hand-made party favors by Kelly. See, I told you she was amazing!

A Great Week for Becca!

The initial bond between my friend Becca and myself was through cupcakes. She loves them, I make them, it works. She is incredibly sweet--maybe even as sweet as my buttercream--and super smart. The first week of August was really HER week. On the 1st, she celebrated her birthday, and then on the 2nd, I had the honor of calling her to offer her membership onto the Law Review! At the end of that exciting week, her friends were in town, so I made birthday cupcakes for her (in roses--her fave!) and a surprise congratulatory cake. She loved them. Congratulations Becca, and Happy Birthday!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Luau Shower

My brother is getting married!!! For his fiance's bridal shower, we did a luau theme. It was a great day...pool party, good food, great people. My mom made dozens of chocolate chip cookies and lemon butter cookies. We decorated the butter cookies with royal icing and displayed them at the shower. Of course, I made the cake. I found a cake online that I liked, but I didn't know how the flowers were made. I went to Michaels and checked out a book that made butterflies out of royal icing. At that point, it occurred to me that the flowers were made of royal icing. I had never made it before, nor had I ever worked with it...but my new cake attitude is to try new things, so I went for it.

First, 4 days before the shower, I made a thick royal icing and piped out each petal for the flowers. In all, I made almost 200 petals (because I originally had planned on cover the whole cake in flowers). I thinned the icing and filled the inside of each petal with the thinned royal icing. One they were dry, I was able to assemble them on the cake using buttercream as a center. At the time, I didn't know that I should have used royal icing to make the centers. Now I know.

Royal icing takes egg whites, so I used the yolks to make Kelly's homemade ice cream. My mom used her yolks to make the butter cookies (since we used royal icing to frost the butter cookies at her house).

The cake was chocolate and vanilla. I covered the whole thing in buttercream and then teal fondant. Although it didn't come out as the vision in my mind, it was still beautiful...and only took 7 hours!

My aunt and my mom at the party--aren't they festive?!?!