Thursday, August 13, 2009

Guest Post: Lawyer by Day, Baker by Night

My friend Kelly is a talented attorney. She's incredibly passionate in everything she does, and she might love baking just as much as I do. Kelly and I love baking in different ways. She likes to try new recipes and discover interesting flavors. I like to play with decorating instead, and stick to the recipes I know. We make a good team because we inspire each other to do and try.

Today was her secretary, Dorothy's, birthday. Dorothy loves lemon, so Kelly made a VERY interesting lemon treat. She did coconut cake filled with lemon curd topped with lemon cream cheese frosting. They were delicious!

I should mention here that I tried to make her lemon bars for the occasion. While they were good, they could not compare to Kelly's (so, thank you in advance KMK for making the lemon bars from here on out).

You will also see below the hand-made party favors by Kelly. See, I told you she was amazing!


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