Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy 80th Birthday Pops...I mean...Bill

A few weeks ago, my Pop-Pop turned 80.  We had a nice surprise party for him at a local italian restaurant.  My mom was in charge of the invitations and she thought it would be funny to put a cartoon-like old man on them.  They turned out so cute that we thought it would be perfect to put the old man on the cake too.

I had to freehand the fondant carving on this cake.  For many of my more complicated cakes, I try to trace the images onto fondant so I can get a true image.  For this one I didn't have that option because I didn't have access to the image to enlarge it.  I must say it was difficult but I think it came out great.

The cake was a 1/4 sheet cake.  It had 1 layer of chocolate and 1 layer of vanilla.  I carved out the inside and filled it will Alton Brown's chocolate mousse.  YUM!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Avery!

You might remember that last year, for Avery's 2nd birthday, I made Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes.  This year, I made this very neat Tigger and Pooh cake.  When her mom, Missy, asked her what she wanted on her cake, she exclaimed "TIGGER AND POOH!".  Missy stuck with the idea and it was a nice success.    I cut the Tigger and Pooh out of fondant and then I piped black chocolate buttercream around it to make it look like a cartoon.  Avery loved her cake.  Happy birthday Avery!

Another Phillies Cake!

Last year, I made an Eagles cake for my friend Kara's husband, Brian.  This year, Kara requested a Phillies cake.  Although baseball season was over by the time his birthday rolled around, Brian loved the cake.  Happy Birthday Brian!

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Friend from Buffalo & HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACEY

 The weekend before Thanksgiving, a good friend of mine from College Park came to visit me all the way from Buffalo, NY.  She is in dental school at the University of Buffalo and, after a long day of classes on Friday, she drove 7 hours to come visit me in Delaware.

I should also add that it was her birthday weekend!!!  She asked for one appearance on the blog!  Ok, that was obviously going to happen.  We really made it a weekend of eating.  On Friday night, she started off by eating risotto straight from the fridge.  Then, on Saturday, I made buttermilk pancakes and bacon (yum!).  We had Iron Hill for dinner and made lots of cupcakes (for Cody's baptism).  We also made peanut butter cookie dough ice cream (double yum!) and watched lots of movies.  It was a weekend of total indulgence!

On Monday night, for Stacey's birthday, I made a nice homemade dinner and a chocolate birthday cake for her to take home to Buffalo.  Matt Perry came up from Baltimore for a visit too, which was icing on the cake!

Stacey, THANK YOU for taking the very long trip to come visit me...and for the good times (and presents) you brought!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Oh, I should also mention that she loves to play with the camera...

Cody's Baptism

A few weeks ago, my beautiful nephew, Cody was baptized.  I made cupcakes for the party that followed the church service.