Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Avery!

For 40 years, a favorite of 2 year-olds has been Sesame Street.  We loved it as kids...and kids today still love it.  So, for Avery's 2nd birthday, what would be better than Cookie Monster and Elmo cupcakes?

I made the Cookie Monster cupcakes by putting a layer of blue buttercream on the cupcake, placing a cookie on top, putting another heap of buttercream on top of the cookie for his head, sticking on marshmallows for his eyes, and then piping buttercream "fur" all over him.  For the Elmo cupcakes (since red buttercream is really difficult to make) I used red jimmies.

I think this is it with the baking until after finals...we'll see...

Happy Birthday Avery!

2 comments: said...

These cupcakes were totally a hit- with Avery and adults alike. Adorable and DELICIOUS! They were the talk of the party!! Thanks Lindsey!
xoxo from Avery and Missy (Avery's mom)

Aliyah Cox said...

Hey, i want to make these for a party. But were they expensive to make>? thanks

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