Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let's Go Phils! World Series Game 4!!

Ok, I admit, I don't like baseball.  I do, however, love a social gathering, so I will sacrifice my hatred of sports to go to a party surrounding a sporting event.  Tonight, for World Series Game 4, all of our friends are getting together.  I made Phillies cupcakes for the event.  Greg, being the Mets fan that he is, totally does not approve of this...but thought the cupcakes were cool anyway.  See, this is the type of cool stuff I could do if I could spend all day baking (like I did today).  GO PHILS!!


alimac33 said...

These are fantastic! I'm assuming you are using fondant for the decorations? Are you self taught or have you taken some classes?

Lindsey said...

thank you! yes, it's fondant, buttercream, and jimmies for the decorations. i am 100% self-taught (with some help from youtube) :)

alimac33 said...

I'm pretty much trying it the same way as you. I'd love to take a class sometime to learn some more techniques, but its all trial and error. All your stuff looks so great!

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