Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Law Student by Day...

I have a not-so secret double life.  Seriously.  I am, as it appears, a super serious law student by day, and an obsessed baker by night.  One of my professors (who knows of this double life) always asks how I do it all, and I guess the answer (or at least the one I tell him) is that I don't sleep.  The truth is that I just work really long days.  So, today, after 10 hours at school of class, homework, and relearning 4 years of physiology, I came home to bake cupcakes.

My very good friend (and classmate), Marie (remember her? 4th of July cupcakes), is involved in the Environmental Law Clinic at school.  She is one of 12 students who fights for environmental rights in the tri-state area.  Every week, her group takes turns bringing "snack" to clinic class.  In August, she came to me asking to help when it became her turn to bring snack to the clinic.  Tonight, we made the snack.

We made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and topped them with buttercream  and fondant fancies!  Marie and Lauren cut out the arrows for the reduce-reuse-recycle cupcakes while I piped the words on each one.  Somehow I have a feeling that they are going to go over pretty well tomorrow for clinic snack time (yes--law students like snack time too)!


Laur said...

yaaaay they came out so cute! glad I could make a minor contribution to this project :)

Thaddeus Mason Pope said...

I don't even believe it is all possible. How can one do all that law student work AND ALSO bake all those cupcakes. Come on. Who is really baking all these things? And why are you taking all the credit?

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