Sunday, November 22, 2009


Delaware is a seriously small world.  I mean, there are less than a million people here, after all.  So, when talk of my cupcakes made 4 people realize they had mutual friends, it was pretty standard.  The person who started this cupcake talk was Kara.  She's a friend and patient of Greg's and a friend of one of the attorneys I work with.  She loves cupcakes, but for her husband's birthday, she wanted to do a cake.  Her hubby loves sports, and since it's football season, I made him an Eagles cake.  It's a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.  I cut out an Eagles green circle of fondant and placed it on top.  Then, I cut the Eagles logo out of fondant, and piped buttercream for the writing and side decorations.  I rolled up balls of fondant for the bottom.

Some of the color was distorted when I took the pics below.  The true color is in the first pic.



alimac33 said...

Fantastic! I may steal this idea for a Eagles party we're having soon!

Lena said...

You made the logo???? Lindsey, you are incredible.

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