Monday, May 30, 2011

It's been too long...

I've been neglecting my blogs, I know.  But I have good reasons.  You see, I became a lawyer, I bought and painted nearly every inch of a house, and I've just been running around like a mad woman, all in just 5 months.

I have still been baking, though.  I've got great pics of baked goods from Christmas until now that I can't wait to share with you.

So, here goes.  A friend of mine referred her friend to me to make a record player cake.  You see, her husband is a DJ and the plan was to present the cake to him on the air.  She wanted to do the cake without using fondant and I was up to the challenge.

I made a half sheet cake.  Then, I placed a 10" cake on top of it for the turn table.  I used a little bit of fondant to make the record.  I covered a dowel rod in fondant to make the arm.  I used food coloring and painted it on with a paintbrush to give a more realistic look.  I also made cupcakes with little "records" on them.

So, here it is...a turntable cake!  ENJOY!

Also, everyone has been asking about my new kitchen.  Well, it's not huge, but it works.  It has about double the counter space that I had in the apartment so that is a plus.  I will say that at first it really needed a face lift. So, with the help of my paint crew, we painted the kitchen cabinets and changed the hardware.  Here are the before and after pics...