Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Kelly

Today is my friend Kelly's Birthday (remember her? lawyer by day, baker by night). I met her in Philly for brunch and made her this cake, in her 3 favorite colors. She gave me an AMAZING gift for my birthday--cupcake themed. You are the best KMK...Happy Birthday!

Welcome Home Nate

My friend Kim's son went to New Mexico for the entire summer. When he came home to New Jersey, his mom had a homecoming party for him. I made the cake for the party. I covered half the cake with orange buttercream and crushed orange and red jimmies to give the look of clay. I cut New Mexico out of fondant and placed it on the cake. On the other side, I made a beach out of brown sugar and the ocean out of piping gel. Then, I cut New Jersey out of fondant and placed it on the beach. Welcome home Nate!

Baby Samy is 1 Month Old

While I was in Panama, baby Samy turned 1 month old (that is why I went down there, after all). Sofi wanted to have a cake for him, so I made this one. It was quite a challenge considering the 90 degree weather in Panama. Buttercream and the heat don't mix!

Happy Birthday to ME!

On my birthday, people always ask me "who makes you a cake?" The truth is, usually someone does. Of course, my mom's cake is a staple at my birthday, but sometimes Greg will make one. In college, my roommate Jaclyn would step-up. Any way you slice it, I always get some kind of cake.

This year one my birthday, I was in Panama, visiting my friend Sofi's new baby. I told her that the condition of me coming was that her husband had to make me a birthday cake, from scratch. Of course, I knew this wasn't going to happen. They did, however, order a cake for me. Since it was served at Shabbat dinner, it was parve...and still really yummy! Thanks Sofi and Jony!

Gifts from Marie!

Check out the gifts from Kelly below!!! She went completely crazy for my b-day! She got me the Wilton tool caddy and filled it with goodies! She also got me new cupcake tins AND cooling racks! WOW! Thanks KMK!

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Brother's Wedding Cake

So, as most of you already know, I made my brother's wedding cake. His wife specifically requested cupcakes, but I thought it would be a sin to not give them a cake to cut (and to freeze for their first anniversary). One day, she came down to DE with my mom and we looked at cake books. She picked this green cake out of a book. My mom and I went completely crazy trying to find the perfect way to display the cake and cupcakes.

The baking itself took about 14 hours. My mom made most of the chocolate cupcakes before I arrived at her house on the Thursday before the wedding. Immediately after my class was over (3 classes--9:30-4!!) I drove to NJ to make the rest of the cupcakes and the cake. We baked until 5:30 in the morning!!! Even the puppies couldn't stay up with us (and they are the type that follow your every move). We were a real team!! In the end, we used 51 sticks of butter (hand over the title of Butter Queen, Paula Dean!), and countless amounts of milk, eggs, flour, sugar, and vanilla. It turned out beautifully.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Mayfield

Photo courtesy of Ryan Mayfield

Photo courtesy of Ryan Mayfield

Photo courtesy of Ryan Mayfield

Photo courtesy of Ryan Mayfield

Photo courtesy of Ryan Mayfield

Photo courtesy of Ryan Mayfield

Pops with his two favorite girls!

A little family humor!

Doug, me, Brad, mom

Brad and Gab

Mom, Brad, me