Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

On my birthday, people always ask me "who makes you a cake?" The truth is, usually someone does. Of course, my mom's cake is a staple at my birthday, but sometimes Greg will make one. In college, my roommate Jaclyn would step-up. Any way you slice it, I always get some kind of cake.

This year one my birthday, I was in Panama, visiting my friend Sofi's new baby. I told her that the condition of me coming was that her husband had to make me a birthday cake, from scratch. Of course, I knew this wasn't going to happen. They did, however, order a cake for me. Since it was served at Shabbat dinner, it was parve...and still really yummy! Thanks Sofi and Jony!

Gifts from Marie!

Check out the gifts from Kelly below!!! She went completely crazy for my b-day! She got me the Wilton tool caddy and filled it with goodies! She also got me new cupcake tins AND cooling racks! WOW! Thanks KMK!


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