Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baby Samy is 1 Month Old

While I was in Panama, baby Samy turned 1 month old (that is why I went down there, after all). Sofi wanted to have a cake for him, so I made this one. It was quite a challenge considering the 90 degree weather in Panama. Buttercream and the heat don't mix!


Jaclyn said...

I'm having BIG troubles with my vanilla buttercream here in Houston. I need a new recipe/vanilla icing plan. I used almost 2 bags of powdered sugar in the last batch to meke it nice a stiff and the entire cake had meltdown :(

Lindsey said...

omit the milk. beat the butter like crazy, then add the sugar. do a crumb coat on the cake and stick it in the freezer before doing the final coat. then, refrigerate before taking it somewhere. hope that helps!

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