Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy 80th Birthday Pops...I mean...Bill

A few weeks ago, my Pop-Pop turned 80.  We had a nice surprise party for him at a local italian restaurant.  My mom was in charge of the invitations and she thought it would be funny to put a cartoon-like old man on them.  They turned out so cute that we thought it would be perfect to put the old man on the cake too.

I had to freehand the fondant carving on this cake.  For many of my more complicated cakes, I try to trace the images onto fondant so I can get a true image.  For this one I didn't have that option because I didn't have access to the image to enlarge it.  I must say it was difficult but I think it came out great.

The cake was a 1/4 sheet cake.  It had 1 layer of chocolate and 1 layer of vanilla.  I carved out the inside and filled it will Alton Brown's chocolate mousse.  YUM!


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