Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Horgan - 3L Edition - Part I

Horgan.  He's our favorite law school friend.  Sorry to everyone else...there's no disputing it.  He's the best.  You might remember Horgan from my posts about his 1L birthday cake and his 2L birthday cake.  This time, his birthday fell on the day of the Luau party at school.  That party marks 50 days til graduation (although this time it was 38 days...details).  At the party, we had the DJ announce Horgo's birthday and we presented him with this cake.  He loves skull and crossbones and his favorite color is purple (the icing is purple...looks gray in these pics).  Marie cut out the bone letters and I piped words around the cake.  The first row is all of his names, the second row is all of the places he's lived, the third row is all of his favorite things, and the 4th row had a special birthday message.  Happy Birthday Horgan!


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