Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Ross!

My friend Ross wasn't always my friend.  Really, when we first met, I just didn't get his humor....even though everyone else thought he was funny.  Well, since then, we have grown to understand one another and now I think he's hilarious.

You see, Ross loves puns.  No, not like my friend Kelly love puns (since her love for words makes puns interesting)...Ross loves puns because he truly appreciates making a stupid joke out of them...really.

Ross also loves the Red Sox (he can't help it--he's from MA).  So, logically, for his birthday we made him a cake that said "Boston Ross Sox".  Marie, my creative director, came up with the amazing idea.  She came over with Lauren to make the cake.  THEN Matt Perry made a guest appearance and while Marie and I slaved away at the cake, Lauren, MP, and Greg played Rock Band.  Marie cut out ALL of the cool?!?!

A good time was had by all!!  Enjoy!


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