Monday, January 25, 2010

Environmental Law Clinic Cake

As you know, my friend Marie participates in the Environmental Law Clinic at School.  Last week, it was her turn to bring in snack for the clinic class.  Last semester, we made earth-friendly cupcakes for her clinic snack.  This time around, she came to me wanting to top last semester's snack with a cake.  We made a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.  Then, we made the Environmental Law Clinic's logo out of fondant and placed it on top of the cake.  Marie cut out the continents and the reduce-reuse-recycle symbols that we put on the sides of the cake.  She did an incredible job.  I decorated the green border of the logo with edible pearl dust so it sparkled.  Then I piped on the words.

When I emailed photos of the cake to my very critical (yet absolutely lovable) mother (like mother, like daughter), she commented that my cakes are getting much straighter and my piping technique is really improving. I think she's right.  This tells me that all my practice is really paying off.  Looking back, I've improved so much since this time last year.  My next goal is to learn to make sugar flowers.  Maybe by this time next year, I will have accomplished that.


KMK, obvi! said...

Obviously this is fake because NOBODY could make a cake this amazing! I refuse to believe it. You are spectacular.

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