Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feliz Cumpleanos Jacqueline!

My friend Jacqueline LOVES cupcakes.  I mean, she's a Mizrachi...and what do all Mizrachis have in common? A love love love for sweets.  Don't let Sofi on her whole wheat soap box fool you, she loves sweets too (just don't tell her how many sticks of butter you used).  So, for Jacqueline's birthday this year, I decided to make her a GIANT cupcake with the cupcake mold my friend Liz gave me.  The funny thing is, I saw Jacqueline on her birthday eve, and she said to me: "I better get a cupcake tomorrow!"  Little did she know...

So, I made this giant cupcake.  It was absolutely horrible to frost and the bottom looked like a 3 year old made I made a foil cupcake wrapper to rest around the bottom (another cake wreck, solved).  I made the decorations on the top of the cupcake out of fondant.  I piped the "Happy Birthday Jacqueline" out of buttercream on a piece of fondant that I cut out.  When she saw it, she started screaming in spanish (since, as a Mizrachi, of course she was talking on the phone).  She even hung up the phone to give me a big hug.  That night, I made an awesome dinner (fish tacos!) and we went to see a chick flick.

Now her family is fighting on facebook over who is most worthy of me shipping their birthday cake to Panama for them.  :)

Hope you enjoyed your birthday, Jacqueline.


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