Monday, October 26, 2009

Jaclyn's Everything's Better in Texas Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes

My college roomate moved to Texas.  She is one of the women who inspired my baking (and knitting and card making and you-name-it other craft).  She's always coming up with new things to try, and sending me recipes.  Although it makes me want to hop on a plane to Texas...I always end up going to my kitchen and trying them out instead.  This week she told me about dark chocolate cupcakes with pumpkin cream cheese frosting.

Now, I've been on a pumpkin kick.  My mom makes this amazing pumpkin chocolate chip cake which I grew up eating.  I was craving it, I made it (sorry, no pics), and the pumpkin kick ensued.  So, when Jaclyn told me about these cupcakes, I had to go home and try them.  I made my regular chocolate cake, but subbed 100% cacao for the regular cocoa.  This gave the cake a rich chocolatey flavor.  Then, I made pumpkin cream cheese frosting.  It wouldn't hold its shape enough for me to pile on a good amount of frosting, so I decided to inject the cupcakes with it, then top them.  What a good idea!  I brought half to work and half to my cousin's house for cousins weekend 2k9.

They were enjoyed by all!  YUM!


Jaclyn said...

Love it! Mmmmmm pumpkin!

Lena said...

...but why aren't they shaped like Texas?

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