Saturday, October 31, 2009

I am spoiled...

Seriously.  I have amazing friends.  My friend Jaclyn (remember her--everything's better in Texas cupcakes...) is also a cupcake lover.  She's the one who really go me into all this.  I cam home today from a VERY long day.  Drove to Camden, learned lawyer ethics for 4 hrs, had lunch with a friend, shopped with mom, and came back to DE.  After 13 hrs of running around, I came in to find a box from Jaclyn in my kitchen.  I was so excited I nearly ripped the box open.  Inside was this beauty.  She had an apron custom made for me with the logo of my future bakery...Buttercup Cupcakes.  She also included a cupcake trivet and potholder.  WOW!!!  What an amazing gift.  I am floored.  Thank you Jaclyn!!!


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