Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Month of Birthdays

The month of July is a big month for birthdays! Six of our law school friends have birthdays in July, so Marie and I organized a dinner for all of us to go out to dinner in Philly to celebrate. Normally, I would make a cake for each of my friends for their birthday...but I figured 6 large cakes would be too much for 15 people. Kelly has the amazing idea to do mini cakes for each person (3" each!). Of course, Kelly's idea was perfect, so I made each person a personalized cake. Binder and Fina got ice cream cake, so Kim, Lauren, Megan, and Angela got my cakes. Marie came over (thank goodness) and helped make the cakes.

Kim's favorite is German Chocolate Cake, so that's what she got. 100% homemade, of course. This cake was incredible! I am always disappointed when I try new recipes, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I will definitely make it again.

Megan with her cheetah cake!
Do you see how she matches the cake???

Angela with her cake!
Classy and beautiful--just like her!

Lauren with her cake--peanut butter!!!
Do you see how she matches???

Now, here's some action shots from before the party.....

Covering Lauren's cake in fondant

Covering the whole thing in sugar!

Marie frosting Megan's cake

Marie cutting out fondant flowers for Angela's cake

Molding the flowers before painting them with pearl dust
Angela asked me to try something that I have been wanting to try, so that's what I did. We made fondant flowers, sculpted them, painted with pearly dust and piped on buttercream centers!


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