Sunday, July 19, 2009

Forget the Cholesterol Test Birthday Cake

My boss loves food. Of course, a love of food can cause the cholesterol to go through the roof. That is what made my food-loving boss to go on a crash-cholesterol-lowering-diet for a WHOLE month! Problem: his birthday fell into the diet month. I figured he would make an exception to the low-fat thing for his birthday, so I made a REALLY sinful cake. He loves chocolate cake and cheesecake, so I combined the two into a marbled cake. I poured the chocolate cake batter into the pans and then followed it with cheesecake batter. I baked it and frosted with chocolate buttercream. This thing was DECADENT! Pictures of the inside of the cake are to come! Check out the outside! HAPPY BIRTHDAY VINCE!


Anonymous said...

This cake ruled!

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