Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Today we went to Kelly's house for a Memorial Day BBQ! She made a chocolate cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting and I made chocolate cupcakes with patriotic decorations. We had an amazing time hanging out with Kelly and her whole crew! Of course, the food was awesome and I'm still full...even though I left there 5 hours ago!! Below, check out my cupcakes and Kelly's cake.

Thanks Kelly!

Kelly's cake!!!


Kelly said...

Linds! I'm so honored by the special guest appearance I'm making on your blog! Let me tell you about the cake. Once you told me you were also bringing chocolate cake, I stopped trying to make my cake pretty and decided to decorate it "rustic" style, meaning, "Woah, why bother!" I loved your cupcakes, they are perfect and I'm really, really glad I put some up because my niece and nephew were digging into them. Taking candy from a baby ain't so bad!

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