Monday, May 25, 2009

A Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Cake

This cake was made for Becca's mom's birthday. Becca told me that her mom LOVES chocolate, so I did a cake that would satisfy her chocolate needs. This was a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate chips inside. I covered the whole thing with a generous amount of chocolate ganache and covered the sides with mini chocolate chips. Then, I piped chocolate truffle frosting on top and around the bottom. Now that's A LOT of chocolate. For those of you who like action shots, I took a bunch while making this cake.

Becca emailed me after her mom's birthday's what she said:

"I just wanted to thank you for the absolutely gorgeous and scrumptious cake!!! It was a masterpiece! We all stared at it for a while last night before cutting it because it was so beautiful and then when we finally ate it....heaven! It was the most decadent and delicious chocolate cake we have ever had!!! Thank you so much for making my mom's birthday so truly special."

Making the ganache

Center of the cake

Buttercream on the sides of the cake to make it smooth

Putting on the ganache

Piping the truffle frosting


Nur said...

Hi, what tip no. did you use to pipe the frosting? Pretty. Its a good idea to paste the side of the cake with choc chips instead of choc rice and your truffle frosting sounds yummy!!! I've not heard of it here in my place. Well done Lindsey!!!

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