Monday, October 11, 2010

Go Tigers!

Over the summer, I met a girl in my bar review course that asked me to do a grooms cake for her October wedding.  Her fiance went to Clemson so she wanted a Clemson themed cake.  She really gave me creative license but she did request that I put "Howard's Rock" on top of the cake.  Apparently this rock is good luck for the football team and they rub it before each game.  Does this sound familiar, Terps?

Here is the Clemson cake.  The best news of it all is that the bride and I both PASSED the Delaware bar exam. For her, it was a particularly exciting week because she not only passed the bar, but 2 days later, she married her Clemson groom!  Congratulations Amber!

Oh, and speaking of weddings, last night we went to a wedding in NYC.  They had a "Viennese Hour" which is an hour full of every dessert imaginable.  They put all the desserts on a stage in the ballroom.  What an awesome idea!  Good call, Dave and Leah!


Cake+Love said...

You are out of control. Jesus H. Christmas! That's some seriousness right there. Can I be you for Halloween?

Matt said...

I find this post unacceptable considering the current score of the Terps-Tigers game.

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