Sunday, April 19, 2009

Showers of Happiness

This weekend was my good friend Jess' bridal shower. I am a bridesmaid, and I (of course) was in charge of the cake. She's doing hydrangeas at her wedding so I thought it might be nice to incorporate that into the cake. She also likes things very simple and clean. This cake is 2 tiers...the first tier is 3 layers in vanilla, chocolate, vanilla and the second tier is all chocolate. They are filled with buttercream and covered in white fondant. The purple ribbon matches the bridesmaid dresses.

The top of the cake--the hydrangea part--is made up of mini cupcakes (even smaller than the ones I used for the Easter cake. I piped them with buttercream and then used the buttercream as glue on the cake to make stacked concentric circles. Then, I filled in the areas that weren't touching with more buttercream to make it look like one big hydrangea blossom--now that's A LOT of buttercream!

The good news is that I only used 10 sticks of butter this weekend as opposed to last weekend's 20 sticks!! WHEW!

This is my best cake yet. I can't wait to keep trying new things...after finals that is!

Congrats Jess...I hope you enjoyed your shower! ...and your "Jess inspired" cake. :)


KMK said...

Hydrangeas! Awesome! Amazing! Fantastic!!! I'm so super impressed!

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